Links and websites that might be of interest to you about Alexander Techniek lessons.

  • Alexander Technique Affiliated
    (The International site of all affiliated societies.)
  • ExpatINFO
    An online resource for English-speaking expatriates here in Zuid-Holland. They provide an extensive range of information about living in, or moving to, the Netherlands, along with event listings, business directory, online forum and entertaining blogs.
  • Balance of
    (Speciaal interessant voor danser/essen)
  • Bewustzijn
  • Complete Guide to the Alexander
    ( A very complete guide to the Alexander Technique by an American Alexander Technique teacher.)
  • International Health Centre The
    (International Health Centre for Expats in The Hague.)
    (Information on prevention of injuries for musicians and a list of professionals who could help if needed.)
  • NeVLAT
    De Nederlandse Vereniging van Leraren in de Alexander Techniek
  • STAT
    (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)