Alexander Technique

De Nederlandse Vereniging van Leraren in de Alexander Techniek heeft een protocol opgesteld voor omgang met de lessituatie tijdens de coronacrisis.

Corona-protocol – Dutch .pdf
Corona-protocol – English .pdf


What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an unique and effective way of becoming aware how we use or rather tend to miss-use ourselves in daily life.

Student getting Alexander Technique advice  Wendelien de Jongh Alexander Techniek

Frequently too much muscle tension is used for very mundane movements and actions, having a negative influence on our physical and mental state.The focus of the Technique is on teaching, but the general effect of a lesson is often therapeutic. By learning to stop reacting to stimuli in our habitual way and instead of that engaging in an organized thought process, which encourages a good balance of the head, the neck and the back (called by F.M. Alexander: “The Primary Control”) greater freedom of movement throughout the whole body is created

This general feeling of more lightness and ease has a positive influence on the whole self. The improved balance of the head on top of the spine and decrease of tension in the neck has usually a positive effect on the voice.

See this informational video on what Alexander Technique is all about from the American Society for Alexander Technique

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