Schools using AT

Do Schools or other institutions offer Alexander Technique?

In Holland, music colleges such as the Amsterdam’s Conservatorium, The Hague’s Conservatorium, the Utrecht Conservatorium and the School van Schone Kunsten in Amsterdam do offer some Alexander lessons to their students.

harpBut elsewhere in Holland the discipline is very much in the infancy although hopefully the situation will be expanding in the near future to include other educational institutions. In the UK, the USA and other English speaking countries all major music-drama colleges like the Royal College of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, LAMDA and the Juilliard School (US) have been offering lessons for many years as part of their normal curriculum. Not just actors and musicians but also sportsmen and businessmen have embarked on the Technique as they realize that it improves performance and prevents injury. Secondary schools such as Eton College, St.Paul’s School and St. Paul’s Girls School, Marlborough College, St.Mary’s Cahn and many others also have taken to offering Alexander Technique since it has been recognized as helping pupils through the awkward teenage stage and also with specific medical problems such as backache, headache and stress related problems.