Books and publications

Many books have been written about the Alexander Technique. Here is a list of recommended books:

  • The Use of the Self: By F.M. Alexander Publ. Gollancz
  • Master the Art of Running: By Malcolm Balk and Andrew Shields Publ. Collins and Brown
  • Your Body , your Voice: The Key to natural singing and speaking by Theodore Dimon, EdD.
    North Atlantic Books, Berkley , California Anatomy of the Moving Body: A basic course in bones, muscles, and joints, By Theodore Dimon, EdD.
  • Change your posture change your life: How the power of the Alexander Technique can combat back pain, tension and stress by Richard Brennan, Watkins Publishing London ISBN 978-1-78028-024-0
  • Body Breath & Being: A new guide to the Alexander Technique by Carolyn Nicholls
    Publisher D&B Publishing ISBN 978-904468-42-4