Experienced teacher of Alexander Technique with 30 years of teaching experience


Joris van den Berg, cellist, winner of the Dutch Classical Talent Award 2014

The Alexander Technique lessons with Wendelien Verbeek were literally an eye opener for me. They have helped me to become much more aware of my body and helped me to create the freedom in myself to make music (as well as it helped me in daily life). Wendelien Verbeek creates a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere and environment to develop and explore the Alexander Technique work. I highly recommend having lessons with her!

Valentina Villasenor, student Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, harpsichord

I am a harpsichordist, currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag. Since I started learning the Alexander Technique ( with Wendelien Verbeek-de Jongh , one year ago) I feel so much better about my performance, not only in music but in my entire life as well. The simple but powerful principle of “stopping doing the wrong thing” not only has physical implications, but it is also influencing the way we go through life. In my case, the Alexander Technique helped me realize that the cause of the heavy shoulder pain I had constantly for more than one year was not only the excess of practising and stress, but a distorted perception of what I thought was to be a musician- study lots of hours, no matter what. And when I stopped “practising”- let’s say, the way I thought it was- I could start to practise, i.e. to approach music in a new way: perhaps less hours, but with much more quality and awareness, and enjoyment!

…and it all starts with the simple, smiling thought of stopping and sending your head forward and up. – Valentina Villasenor

Tom Hiddleston, student Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London

“The subtlety, ease and efficiency with which the Alexander Technique re-educates the body is uniquely energizing! The bodily freedom that this training releases, in stillness and in action, from singing to stage-fighting, has been one of the most valuable lessons that RADA has taught me”.

Ralph Allwood, Precentor & director of music, Eton College, Windsor

“I introduced Alexander Technique into Uppingham School in 1983, and to Eton College when I arrived there in 1985. All Music Scholars have at least an introduction to the Technique, and many continue with it on a weekly basis for their whole school career. It is totally accepted here that it is a most helpful adjunct to weekly musical tuition, and many a singer and instrumentalist has gained enormous benefits. Nowadays most Specialist Music Schools teach Alexander Technique. At Eton its benefits have now spread to sport and other pursuits as it has become understood, appreciated and accepted by more and more in the community. The Alexander Technique is a wonderful, and often vital, part of a musician’s training!”

David Mckay, The Hague

I took weekly Alexander Technique lessons from Wendelien for several months and saw a significant and lasting improvement in my posture and level of comfort, at work and throughout my day. The lessons helped to get rid of some minor back pain completely, and I’ve also noticed a reduction in headaches, neck pain, and fatigue. Wendelien is a great teacher (whether in English or in Dutch): the atmosphere in the lessons was always upbeat and relaxed, and she tailored them to my needs and activities. I still use the AT active rest technique almost daily, and the benefits to my state of mind and productivity are substantial. I hope to return for more lessons some time in the future, but meanwhile, it’s clear that I’m still reaping the rewards of my first series.

Olga Chaillet, Den Haag

“Severe problems in the lower back as well as in the shoulder/neck area. Instantly, after my first lesson in the Alexander Technique, there was great improvement in my back. So much so, that I found I could walk with more ease. Recently I tend to forget my walking stick walking out of the lessons with Wendelien!”

Denis Mackay, Den Haag

“For over 12 years now I have suffered from back pain – consulting doctors, physios, chiropractors, accupuncturists, osteopaths etc at a great cost of time and money but to no avail. For just over 6 months I have been practising the Alexander Technique with Wendelien and within 3 weeks I immediately started feeling the benefit. I realised that for so long I had actively been attempting to correct my posture….. without even knowing what good posture is!
Although its difficult to concisely explain what the Alexander Technique is, it is very easy to describe the benefits: improved posture, physique, confidence, concentration and of course pain relief!”

Rob Verhoog, Delft

In 2005 I had a hernia (slipped disc) operation. I did realize that I had to learn use my self/body in a better way to avoid repetition of this problem. A friend told me about the Alexander Technique and I now have had more than 8 months lessons with Wendelien Verbeek and see and feel the improvements this has made. I am now perfectly able to sense when I use too much muscle tension that tends to create the pain, and because of improved posture and a better balance of my head on top of my neck/spine I have no more headaches which plagued me for years. The Alexander Technique has made an invaluable contribution to my health and wellbeing.

Michael Langham, Director of the Juilliard School, New York, USA

“Alexander students rid themselves of bad postural habits and are helped to reach with their bodies and minds and enviable degree of freedom of expression.”

Deirdre Dowling, musician, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

“Having regular Alexander Technique lessons with Wendelien while completing my Masters studies on viola at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag was invaluable to me. I was able to recognize and change patterns of thinking and body use in my playing as well as in everyday life, make adjustments to my technique with greater ease and clarity, and deal with behaviour patterns that had become habitual but were not actually necessary. In short I learned how to learn.”

Tom Noad, student Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London

“My body has become much more lively and better connected, I move with greater freedom and old tension and pains have disappeared. In addition, and very importantly for me as an actor, my voice has found its natural place and I can speak on stage with pose and ease without depending on any unnatural strain (which after all was FM Alexander’s original difficulty).
I would say, that the Alexander Technique has altered me indescribably both as an actor and as a person. It has opened me up as an actor and on an everyday basis it has left me a more even-tempered, focused individual, better able to cope with whatever life throws in my path!”

Charlie Walker-Wise, student Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London

“The Alexander Technique influences the way you conduct your physical, and consequently emotional, life. The relaxation and release of tension that the Technique constantly asks you to consider becomes a more pleasurable way of living every day, not only during a session. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”