Wendelien de Jongh

Who is Wendelien de Jongh?

Wendelien-VerbeekI was first introduced to the Alexander Technique by my cello teacher in London, where I had been living since 1972. I had serious problems with my bowing arm/ shoulder and by applying the Technique the pain subsided and eventually completely disappeared. I became quite intrigued and I decided in 1984 to start the teacher- training course at The Centre for the Alexander Technique in London.

After I qualified in 1987 I worked from home and in the Alexander Centre in Bloomsbury, London.
In 1989 I started to teach at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where I was one of a team of three Alexander teachers. I stayed with RADA until summer 2005.

During those beginning years at RADA I also was invited to work at Eton College, Windsor. Alexander Technique is offered as part of the curriculum at Eton where there is a prestigious Music Department; it is immensely valued by the Precentor/Director of Music, Ralph Allwood. (Read his testimonial.) In 1996 I also introduced the Technique to the girls of St.Paul’s Girls School, London. Again, the lessons were integrated into the syllabus of the music department. From there the word began to spread that the Technique could benefit not just those girls who played an instrument, but was also of immense value to all pupils and so many girls and teachers outside the music department came for lessons. Through my contact every week with pupils from all walks of life, I have had the opportunity to develop and deepen my skills as a teacher. The enjoyment and the inspiration it gave me is still very much with me in my work today.
Since my qualification in 1987 I have been very privileged to have had lessons with many first generation teachers like Walter Carrington, Patrick Macdonald, Peggy Williams, Margaret Goldie and Marjorie Barlow.

In 2000 I qualified as a NLP practitioner in the UK, this was followed in 2002/3 by a certificate as life/personal coach with the Coaching Academy UK.

Since the summer 2005 I have lived and worked in The Hague.

In 2005/2006 I taught as a visiting practitioner in the Alexander Training School (Aton) in Amsterdam. I am a member of the professional societies in the Netherlands and the UK, NeVLAT and STAT and adhere to their codes of conduct.

From September 2006 until September 2008 I was the “chair” of the Professional Society of Alexander Teacher in the Netherlands, NeVLAT.

In 2010 I did another year of training, although in English, this time in Holland with the “ Academy for Counseling and Coaching The Hague ”. I finished level 1 with a certificate.

From September 2015 – February 2020 I worked part-time as an AT teacher at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague.

Since 2006, I have my private practice in The Hague (Marlot).

I am also mother of a grown-up daughter and son and grandmother of two grandsons: Hein and Thijs.